Children & School Services

Nurses provide basic care and case management at all New Hanover County schools. Mental health services by referral are available at select schools for moderate to severe behavioral and emotional problems. Please call your child’s school for your school nurse’s contact information or with questions regarding your child’s medical needs while attending school.

Our Mobile Dental Unit offers services including oral exams, cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, X-rays, fillings and extractions to children ages 3 to 18 without accessible or established dental care or insurance.

WIC is a supplemental nutritional program for women, infants and children  up to 5 years of age who meet health and socio-economic eligibility requirements.  WIC provides healthy food including  milk, eggs, juice , fruits and vegetables, as well as nutritional information and breastfeeding promotion and support.

Safe Kids Cape Fear Child Passenger Safety Program: Aims to educate and instruct families on the proper use and installation of child restraints through Permanent Checking Stations and the Child Passenger Safety Diversion Program.


Permanent Checking Stations: New Hanover County Health Department is one of several Permanent Checking Stations in the area where parents/caregivers can receive information about child passenger safety from nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and have their child restraints and seat belts checked for proper use and installation. 

Appointments are required at this location. To schedule an appointment, please contact Julia Phelps at or 910-798-6636. We encourage you to bring your child so we can appropriately fit the child in the seat.

To locate all other North Carolina Permanent Checking Stations, visit


Child Passenger Safety Diversion Program: This is an educational program offered to drivers who have received a ticket for not having a child properly restrained in their motor vehicle.

To be eligible for citation dismissal, the driver will attend a one-on-one educational car seat check with a certified car seat technician where they will learn more about North Carolina child passenger safety law, and receive hands on education on proper installation and use of car seat. 

Appointments are required and the driver that received the citation must be who schedules and attends the appointment. Please schedule appointments well in advance of your court date.

One the day of the appointment please bring:

  • The child and the appropriate car seat
  • Citation
  • Drivers License

At the appointment, the technician issues a certificate for the driver to present to the District Attorney’s Office on the court date for dismissal of the citation and a waving of fines. This is a one-time opportunity for the driver.

To schedule an appointment with a technician designated to assist with the Diversion Program, please contact Julia Phelps at or 910-798-6636.

For additional information on child passenger safety, please visit:



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