• ALERT: Never leave your child alone in a car. The first heatstroke death in the U.S. this year has already been reported in Arizona.

  • The Labor of Love Community Baby Shower event will be today from 1-4 at the @nhchealth Dept. http://t.co/JuuZE7qeZg

    “The Labor of Love Community Baby Shower event will be on 4/18 from 1-4 at the @nhchealth Dept. Hope to see you there!”

  • The Labor of Love Community Baby Shower event will be today from 1-4pm at the New Hanover County Health Department (2029 17th Street).

  • Smart Start Celebrates 20 Years in New Hanover County

  • A job bulletin has been posted to hire two part time temporary mosquito control workers. The closing date is Friday, 4/24/15. For more information click on the following link.


  • Asian Tiger Mosquito Facts:

    • The Asian tiger mosquito lays its eggs inside containers that hold water.
    • These man-made containers include boats, tires, tin cans, tarps, buckets, bird baths, plastic toys, appliances, clogged gutters, etc. or they can be natural containers such as holes in trees.
    • Asian tiger mosquitoes like to bite in the early morning or late afternoon, but will actively feed during all daylight hours (bites are usually below the waste).
    • Even small containers can produce hundreds of larvae (they only need 1/8” water).
    • During warm weather, it may take only one week for the tiger mosquito to grow from egg to adult.
    • The adult tiger mosquito is only about 1/8 inch long. It is black with white stripes on its legs and body. There is a single white stripe down the center of its head and back, thus the name "tiger" mosquito.
    • Asian tiger mosquitoes lay their eggs at different times, therefore all juvenile stages including larvae and pupae can be found in containers.

  • Check to see if you may be eligible for WIC benefits

  • An awesome, healthy recipe!

    Budget-friendly ingredients are used in this recipe, which makes a stand-out side dish or nutritious snack for families.

  • Find out the latest health stats for NC!

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  • In celebration of Public Health Week an interesting article on the history of hand-washing.


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